‘Without Borders’ ALMS Conference 2016 Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the ALMS Conference 2016 Call for Papers. Deadline for proposals is 8 January 2016:

Archives, Libraries, Museums and Special Collections (ALMS) 2016, an International LGBTQ+ Conference hosted by the City of London through London Metropolitan Archives in partnership with Bishopsgate Institute.

Dates: 22 – 24 June 2016 Location: London


ALMS is an international conference focussed on the work by public, private, academic, and grassroots organisations which are collecting, capture and preserving archives of LGBTQ+ experiences, to ensure our histories continue to be documented and shared. The conference began in Minnesota in 2006 when the Tretter Collection and Quatrefoil Library co-hosted the first LGBT ALMS Conference. The last conference took place in Amsterdam in 2012 and saw archivists, activists, librarians, museums professionals and academics from around the world coming together to share success stories and discuss challenges involved in recording LGBTQ+ lives.


To reflect our emerging global community, the 2016 conference is titled ‘Without Borders’. Papers are invited from across the heritage, cultural, academic and grassroots communities. Our aim is to generate a dialogue within the co-dependent fields of LGBTQ+ historical research and collecting, and share experiences, ideas and best practice through a programme of presentations and short talks that explore margins, borders, barriers and intersections, past and present. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Barriers –in accessing LGBTQ+ content within existing collections, and in collecting material from LGBTQ+ communities
  • Intersections – collecting, cataloguing or researching subjects which share multiple / contrasting identities
  • Margins – researching elusive or liminal subjects; learning, research or projects taking place outside formal institutions
  • Connections – uniting individuals or communities across boundaries through heritage or research
  • Border police – navigating the formal standards of the heritage sector, including official terms and language or constructions of identity

We invite 200 word abstracts offering informal 10-minute presentations that share work-in-progress or provide an introduction to new projects or research that address these themes.

We also invite 300 word abstracts for 20-minute papers or presentations exploring the themes in more detail.

We particularly welcome contributions from BME / QPOC (Black Minority Ethnic / Queer People of Colour) and Transgender communities, as well as from those living outside the UK and USA.

The ALMS conference 2016 is being delivered on a not-for-profit basis by London Metropolitan Archives and Bishopsgate Institute in order to encourage dialogue and share knowledge in LGBTQ+ histories and cultures. The conference is not being funded as part of a wider project and the organisers are unable to cover speakers’ costs except in cases where keynote or invited speakers are prevented from attendance for financial reasons. A limited number of bursaries for attendees will be made available at the beginning of 2016.

Abstract deadline: Friday 8 January 2016
Abstracts to: jan.pimblett@cityoflondon.gov.uk


LGBTQ+ ALMS Conference 2016 Announcement

ALMS 2016 Without Borders…

Highlighting Archives, Libraries, Museums and Special Collections: An International LGBTQ+ Conference

ALMS 2016 is an international conference focused on public, private, academic, and grassroots archives collecting and preserving materials of all types from LGBTQ+ communities to ensure our history continues to be preserved and shared.

The conference began in 2006 when, in cooperation with the Quatrefoil Library, the Tretter Collection co-hosted the first GLBT ALMS Conference in Minnesota. The last conference took place in Amsterdam in 2012 and saw archivists and activists from around the world coming together to share success stories and to discuss the issues around documenting LGBTQ+ lives.

We hope the 2016 conference will build on our global community, united by common goals.

We will be inviting individuals and organisations to submit papers and presentations very soon.

DATE: Wednesday 22 June to Friday 24 June 2016
TIME: There will be three full conference days plus a choice of additional activities.
PLACE: London
HOSTED BY: the City of London through London Metropolitan Archives in partnership with Bishopsgate Institute